ARCANI is a Progressive Rock band in Chicago, IL.

We are currently holding auditions for VOCALS, KEYS, and a second GUITARIST.


Bob Macko

Bob Macko is a guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist diversified in over 12 instruments. He has performed in many Chicago area bands, such as Cobalt Core, I AM and MahaRa, spanning genres from Electronic/Industrial, Metal, World and Acoustic Progressive Rock.  With over 25 years of stage experience, Bob finds inspiration from distant world cultures, modern cinematic film score composers as well as 70’s Progressive Rock bands.


Tommy Z

Spanning decades playing with many bands in the Chicago area, and well know as a drummer and mutli-percussionist, Tommy had studied and been schooled by great known drummers throughout his years. A session drummer and step-in touring drummer when needed, Tommy delivers a new world of drumming on stage performing as a hybrid acoustic & electric percussionist while also triggering synths.


Keith Heric

Keith has played with several bands in South Central Kentucky including The Park Avenue Dregs, Envy Estate and Moral Chain of Custody. He has played on five published and released albums, and hundreds of live performances from the 90’s to 2023. He is influenced by Classic Rock, Metal, Industrial and Progressive music.